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Welcome to our toolkit for affiliates of the Helium IoT HotSpot.

Become a free affiliate for access to all info and tools and begin earning immediately.

Forming a distributed network providing long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled Internet-of-Things ("IoT") devices, Helium Hotspots produce and are compensated in $HNT, the publicly-traded native cryptocurrency of the open-source Helium blockchain incentivizing its development.

The world's largest Helium LoRaWAN network comprises over 30K HotSpots (10K in Oct 2020). Billions more are needed!

iHub Global coordinates a network of Affiliate Marketers who place (or optionally host) the Helium HotSpots to generate by and for each member an unprecedented source of ongoing, passive income.

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If "FOMO" is the Fear Of Missing Out, then ROMO is the Reality Of Missing Out, a tainting of every passing moment that you are not engaged in this silent revolution raging now.

You can also apply to be paid handsomely by passively hosting a HotSpot in your abode, building, structure. You provide the eligible location and sign a $1 agreement; we provide everything else.

That Perfect Opportunity you've been waiting for:

Meet the Internet-of-Things ("IoT") Tsunami.

Ride the wave or be washed over.

  • Huge, fresh Opportunity nobody knows about
  • Be the first on your block - not overcrowded and stale
  • Ongoing residual earnings pay you totally passive income
  • No sales or recruitment necessary
  • No sign-up cost
  • One-time optional purchase
  • No monthly fees or "auto-ship"
  • No inventory required
  • Zero ongoing cost
  • No big learning curve
  • 15-minute Startup time
  • No complicated training
  • No pricey installation costs
  • Totally passive income from Day One
  • Plug it in and begin earning, literally
  • COVID-Proof business