For 25 years the 'Internet of People' has boomed with familiar interactions via emails, social media, videos. Lately, everyone has stayed in touch on Zoom calls.

The Internet of Things ("IoT") emerged ten years ago, giving us the ability to track packages, goods, food, animals, cell phones...things. We can monitor our home from afar, check on the kids via the nanny cam, check the contents of the refrigerator, or make sure the house is the right temperature when we arrive home.

"Like it and use it or not, here to stay is the Internet of Things."

Why not profit by it ?

To date, the IoT has primarily used cellular data. As you may know, this can lead to pricey monthly bills. This new IoT network uses technologies different from 5G and cellular service.

Here is the perfect way to earn passively from the booming Internet of Things.

You help build and enable the IoT network by simply buying and installing a small box called a miner. This box silently, automatically and securely connects Things to the Internet. You earn money when your box communicates with other boxes to confirm its place in the IoT network. In other words, we're being paid for the presence and work of our miners. Your earnings begin once you plug it in and turn it on. You can watch your miner box earning for you every day.

No time to learn? Just simply count your earnings. This investment keeps on paying you in the only cryptocurrency backed by more than pure speculation, giving you a great chance to learn while you earn. We will help you set up your cryptocurrency wallet and show you how to exchange your cryptocurrency for fiat currency (aka U.S. Dollars). Learn about cryptocurrency while you count your earnings. This opportunity includes a leading-edge education that actually pays you immediately.

For those unable to gain maximum profit by buying their own miner box, we offer an option to host one of ours for a share of its earnings.

This is the new Gold Rush.

If you wait

'to see what happens',

the best spots will be taken.

Watch some short overviews

The Next Bitcoin

"Now we have opportunity to own a money machine."

Introduction to Internet of Things

The Next Really Big Thing

" ideal business model using cryptocurrency."

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